Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

End of August, Start with an End in minds...

End of August, Start with an End in minds...

I don't know whether it is the correct written in English or not,,,
I just try to write something that start with an End in minds that i will write in this blog today...31 August 2009, end of the day in this month.
31 August is day of 243rd (or 244th in kabisat year) in calender of Gregorian.
* we can called it as time...

In the darkness of my room, the place where i spending a lot of time, sleep, study, sometimes eat, drink, take a breath, move to another world; from the real world to the virtual world,,,
*we can called it as space...

my picture, for me, for you, and for all :)

In this space and time, i would like to enjoy it by writing something that actually i don't know where is the road i should choose to go to the place that i also do not understand its absolute location or its relative location...beside that i do not have enough information, too many uniqueness, too many spatial variation, that make me difficult to get easily model as simplification on what am i thinking...if we are on the planet of earth, living in the suitable environment, in a region that spatially distributed its uniqueness...try to think geospatially,,,
the way of thinking, that use spatial approach as a part of geographic approaches and not forget the other approaches...

thole : "what are you saying, akang ? i do not understand atuch... ?!@@#!@!@$%."
cakep : "just wasting my time after the examination...write something that not related to geospatial or remote sensing, etc..."

ending of this blog post is what ever you wanna write, just do it and someone or maybe peoples you may now or not will give suggestion regarding on what you have done,,,

share or not to share, but share is much better than keep it on your wallet...


"Don’t be silent, do something and smile for Planet of Earth”
by Aji Putra Perdana
"The Transformer of GIS and Remote Sensing“

Dancing in A Globalized, Dancing with Love and Peace for Our Planet of Earth”
by My Little Sister

Salam Hangat,

Mencoba berpikir sederhana untuk memecahkan kerumitan dari sebuah problematika.

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