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MapWorldForum 2009 - Emerging Trends and Technology

Emerging Trends and Technology
February 13, 2009
0930hrs – 1130hrs
Hall - F02

Dr Aruna Saxena, Professor & Head, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India
Development of Component-Based GIS Software for Design & Display of Information for Urban / Rural Area

Ashish Sonal, Chief Executive Officer, Orkash Services, India
Enhancing Decision Making and Creating Intelligence Through GIS Based Integrated Expert Systems on Geospatial Platforms

Amin Kassam, President, Amin Kassam Associates, Canada
Mass Market Geomatics

Praneeth, Scientist, Defense Research and Development Organisation, India
Design of GIS Based Decision Support System for Military Operations

Dr Dipak Paudyal, GIS Analyst, ERDAS, USA
Utilization of Leica ADS40 Digital Sensor Data in the State of NSW, Austrailia: An Assessment of
Software Technology and Methods for Rapid Response Mapping Applications

Aji Putra P., GIS and Data Management Unit Assistant, Tahija Foundation, Indonesia
The Use of GIS in Combating Dengue Fever in Indonesia Project: The City of Yogyakarta

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