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MODIS Toolkit and Ocean Color Plug-ins from ENVI

MODIS Toolkit and Ocean Color Plug-ins from ENVI*

What is ENVI?

ENVI is the premier software solution for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery used by GIS professionals, scientists, researchers, and image analysts around the world. ENVI software combines the latest spectral image processing and image analysis technology with an intuitive, user-friendly interface to help you get meaningful information from imagery.

Toolkits & Plugins
Quickly and easily access toolkits and plug-ins that will empower your IDL and ENVI applications. Each listing here includes code samples and documentation to help you jump start your programming or application development.

The MODIS Conversion Toolkit

The MODIS Conversion Toolkit (MCTK) is plugin for ENVI that can ingest, process, and georeference every known MODIS product (currently 143) through your choice of an easy-to-use interactive widget interface or a fully-accessible programmatic interface.
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ENVI Plugin for Ocean Color (EPOC)
 --> UPDATE:

EPOC is an HDF file conversion, reprojection, and georeferencing utility for data sets that are currently distributed through the OceanColor web site or created using the SeaWiFS Data Analysis System.
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14 komentar:

  1. salam kenal.....

    mas aji, mau nanya kl untuk SST dan CHLO resolusi 250000 gimana cara memperoleh data modis-nya (pantai timur sumatera selatan) help!! tx b4

  2. untuk mendapatkan SST dan CHLO (level 1) nya bisa download di oceancolor

  3. Mas Aji, mau nanya gimana caranya mengolah MODIS untuk Land Surface ya .. maturnuwun sebelumnya atas bantuannya ... Agung ITS Surabaya

  4. file modis yang LST, bisa dibaca metadatanya, nanti tinggal dilakukan perhitungan kemudian akan diperoleh langsung LST nya...

  5. bung aji
    dimana saya bisa donwload
    ENVI Plugin for Ocean Color (EPOC)
    terima kasih


  7. mas,mau tanya gmn caranya citra modis untuk menentukan ketebalan awan cirrus??

  8. salam....
    im student from malaysia..
    just want to know about the process of MODIS...
    if i download the image from ocean color web, the steps are same or not????

  9. hello,,,
    the easiest way to process modis and extract sst and clor is using seadas or you can also use envi with band math to process the algorithms

  10. hello, im undergraduate student from malaysia which now doing my thesis in my final semester. may i ask where i can get the value of zenith angle because the data that i get is not consist of zenith is important to used it in my algorithm in sea surface temperature.

    1. Calculate the value of zenith angle is so simply, you just need the value of mean Sun Elevation angle from IMD file and substacted it to 90 degrees.

      zenith angle = 90 - meanSunEl

  11. mas aji, mau nanya...

    bagaimana cara membaca modis35 ya?


  12. Informasi dan link yang ada sudah tidak update, silahkan akses ke link berikut:

  13. Terima kasih pakdhe Nazim...mangtabz blognya...

    Salam kenal,