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Extensions for ArcGIS

Ketika googling dengan keyword ArcGIS, ku tertarik dengan ekstensi-ekstensi untuk ArcGIS yang dikeluarkan oleh Leica Geosystem dan Definiens...Leica dengan "Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging : Image Analysis for ArcGIS" dan Definiens dengan "Definiens Extension for ArcGIS®"
Image Analysis for ArcGIS

Image Analysis™ for ArcGIS is the GIS professional's all-in-one solution for preparing GIS-ready imagery, creating GIS-ready imagery from airborne sensors, extracting information from imagery and analyzing imagery for the derivation of spatial and non-spatial information. Image Analysis for ArcGIS enables you to extract up-to-date information from imagery directly into a geodatabase.

Image Analysis for ArcGIS saves you time when collecting reliable geographic content for your GIS as compared to other collection methods.

By working directly with your data in a geodatabase, you can help avoid the corruption of data that often occurs with multiple-step processes. In addition, this intuitive software is easy to learn and use.

Image Analysis for ArcGIS requires a corresponding license to your current version of ArcGIS.


* Single frame orthorectification
* Orthorectify frame camera, SPOT, Landsat, IKONOS and QuickBird imagery, as well as imagery with RPC information
* Create oriented images for use with Stereo Analyst® for ArcGIS
* Color balancing and mosaicking
* Supervised land cover classification
* Unsupervised classification
* Change detection
* Normalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI)
* Reprojection
* Import imagery from a variety of formats
* Raster to vector conversion and vice-versa
* Accessibility to Image Analysis' functions in ESRI's ArcToolbox

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Definiens Extension for ArcGIS®

Currently, most GIS applications cannot exploit all of the information within images. Extracting the information and fusing it with geospatial information is simply too difficult and time consuming. Conventional automated image analysis applications are restricted to simple feature extraction across a limited range of images. Any higher level interpretation requires remote sensing experts, a step which is time consuming, costly and prone to error. Standardization is almost impossible. Furthermore, information generally flows in one direction only – from image to GIS. It is impossible to optimize geospatial applications by using multiple iterations between image interpretation and GIS analysis.

The Definiens Extension for ArcGIS® provides a highly efficient work environment. It connects to the ArcGIS® Desktop products ArcView®, ArcInfo® and ArcEditor™ and extends the functionality of ArcCatalog™ and ArcMap™ by automated image intelligence applications, including feature extraction, change detection and object recognition from any kind of remote sensing images.

* Automated image intelligence applications in ArcGIS®
ArcCatalog™ organizes and manages all GIS information such as maps, globes, models, metadata, and services. A map is comprised of datasets, which can be raster images, raster thematic and vector thematic layers. The Definiens Extension for ArcGIS® allows ArcCatalog™ to define a collection of maps as a Definiens’ workspace. Each workspace entry represents a map which can be analyzed with Definiens’ applications. The image analysis can be executed on servers in batch mode for high throughput or on the user’s workstation to accelerate semi-automated analysis of individual images.
* Efficient post-processing
ArcMap™ is the central application in ArcGIS® Desktop for all map-based tasks including cartography, map analysis, and editing. The Definiens Extension for ArcGIS® enables users to review and edit Definiens’ workspace entries using all editing tools of the ArcGIS® Desktop environment. To accelerate the editing process and to enable highly accurate delineation, the workspace entries can be opened with Definiens Architect which contains specific modules to optimize the presentation of information extraction results for object-based editing.

With Definiens Extension for ArcGIS®, geospatial applications can be developed which exploit the wealth of information in remotely sensed imagery. More accurate and detailed maps can be rapidly produced, presenting information in a standardized and cost efficient way.

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